Woodland Hills Alum, Former Steeler Publishes Book

Wes Lyons makes his writing debut with 'The Pursuit with Patience.'

Whether or not Wes Lyons will play in the NFL again remains to be seen—he appeared in all four of the Pittsburgh Steelers' 2011 preseason games—but his writing career is off and running with the November publishing of his first book, "The Pursuit with Patience."

Lyons, a Woodland Hills High School and West Virginia University alum, started writing the book after he was released by the Steelers in 2011. (He ended up back with the team in 2012 but is no longer with them.)

The goal of the book, as Lyons says on his website, "is to inspire at least one person." He continues, "That would make all the hard work and time that I have dedicated to writing 'The Pursuit with Patience' worth it in the end."

Wesley A. Lyons Jr. was raised in North Braddock Borough, eventually starring for the Wolverines and graduating from Woody High in 2006. He then accepted an athletic scholarship to attend West Virginia and graduated from WVU a semester early in 2009. The 6-foot-8 tight end/wide receiver landed with the New York Jets after college before moving on to the Steelers.

"Woodland Hills taught me to be prepared, take initiative (and) maintain a positive attitude," Lyons says. "Coach George Novak was a big part of me developing. He taught me those things along with stressing the importance of being dedicated and committed to my craft.

"We have a father-son relationship. He treats all of his players special. We still continue to have a great relationship."

Lyons' book, split into 10 chapters that go from "Early Years in Sports" to "The League," gives an inside look at his childhood in Pittsburgh, takes you behind-the-scenes of the college recruitment process and delves into the world of professional football and Lyons' family life.

"'The Pursuit with Patience' is not a book about the awards and success that I had in football," Lyons says on his site. "It's about the journey of my life. I really want people to understand the journey that I endured.

"At times, fans may talk about you or praise about how good you are, but there's much more to being an athlete. This book breaks down just how genuine athletes are.

"I know and want to stress that all things are possible through God, who saved me. I am a young man who grew up in the slums of North Braddock, PA, and by believing and staying on the right path, I achieved amazing things."

To order the book—copies go for $13.99 each—click here.

joyce mroczkowski January 08, 2013 at 11:59 AM
Great job Wes but I also grew up in North Braddock and don't think I would say there are "slums" . I am very proud of growing up there.
Ron Tkach January 09, 2013 at 04:32 PM
Joyce, I agree North Braddock is not a "SLUM", its just and older historic town. Maybe he needs to do some research on North Braddock. Maybe write a second book on that subject. He has a lot to learn about our great little town.
Luna February 11, 2013 at 01:42 PM
This book is basically self-published (CreateSpace is listed as the publisher on Amazon and it's just a tool for self-publishing) and was therefore not subject to any editorial supervision. I don't see how a self-published book merits attention, since anyone can do it. How about articles on local authors who actually go through the traditional publishing process?


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