Good Grief! Watch Some of Your Favorite Steelers in ‘A Charlie Batch Christmas’

Local stars Brett Keisel, Troy Polamalu and of course Charlie Batch search for the 'true meaning of the season' in this Charlie Brown parody.

As the playoffs draw closer, Pittsburgh’s favorite backup quarterback is searching for the true “meaning of the season” this Christmas—at least on YouTube.

A new parody of the classic A Charlie Brown Christmas features "Peanuts"-inspired versions of some of your favorite Pittsburgh Steelers from Patch communities, including Brett Keisel (Cranberry area) and Troy Polamalu (Pine).

The video stars Homestead's Charlie Batch, who asks a beard-petting Keisel as well as new father Ben Roethlisberger to help him find the true meaning of the Steelers season.

“The playoffs season is coming up and this whole team has stopped believing,” the Batch character complains.

The parody also features a thumb-sucking Mike Wallace and Polamalu as piano-playing Schroeder.

Surprisingly, it’s fearsome linebacker James Harrison, who, after admitting he ate a live reindeer, delivers the true meaning of the season, Linus-stye. Good grief!

Check the parody by Benstonium.com for yourself by clicking the above video.

Leave your thoughts about the “true meaning of the season” in the comment section below. Tell us, do you still believe the Steelers will make the playoffs?


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