Woodland Hills Marching Band Holds Florida Fruit Sale

Orders are due by Nov. 12.

The Woodland Hills High School Music Department will be conducting its annual Florida Fruit Sale through Nov. 12.

All proceeds go towards the WHHS Music Department.

The orders for the fruit are due in by Nov. 12 to Tom Crone, band director, at the high school. He can be reached by phone at 412-244-1100, ext. 5154. Checks can be made out to: WHHSBPO.

Delivery will be either on Friday, Nov. 30 after 3 p.m. or Saturday morning, Dec. 1. This will be determined at a later time.

Below is a list of the products available:

  • Navel Oranges (38-40 lbs.) $32
  • Navel Oranges (18-20 lbs.) $20
  • Red Grapefruit (38-40 lbs.) $32
  • Red Grapefruit (18-20 lbs.) $20
  • Two-Way Mix Box (18-20 lbs.), Oranges/Grapefruit, $25
  • Trio Gift Box (18-20 lbs.), Oranges/Red Delicious Apples/Anjou Pears, $30
  • Apple Sampler (14-16lbs), Red/Golden, Granny, Gala, $27
  • Cheesecake (20 oz.), Plain, Cookies and Cream, Cherry, Chocolate Swirl, $12
  • Strawberry Cheesecake (2 lbs.), $16


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