Pace School Engages the Senses with New Room for Students

The latest from Pace in Churchill.

This year, a new space was designed specifically for students at with autism who had sensory challenges that made it difficult for them to engage in learning.

This is a common and well known challenge for people on the autism spectrum. Because of the generosity of the Churchill/Wilkins Rotary Club and community donations, those children now have a specially designed Sensory Room to help. 

The Sensory Room contains a variety of specialized equipment that helps them to calm or stimulate their senses as part of their occupational therapy program.  While in the Sensory Room, kids can explore lights, listen to a variety of sounds or touch a variety of different surfaces. 

Spending even a short time in the Sensory Room helps a student to develop their sensory skills and calm themselves in preparation for managing them during the rest of the school day.

The mission of Pace School is to provide educational and therapeutic services that enable any child to thrive.  As a private, non-profit day school, Pace School transforms the lives of the region’s most challenged and challenging students and their families.

The goal is to teach children with severe emotional disorders and/or autism to breakthrough social and behavioral barriers to school success and to help their families enjoy more normal lives.

For more than four decades, Pace School has served as a placement option for school districts in Allegheny and surrounding counties seeking our expertise in providing a blended educational and therapeutic environment.


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