Rep. Neuman Notes Contradiction in Corbett's PSU Defense

State Rep. Brandon Neuman said he supports the lawsuit over the NCAA’s sanctions of Penn State, but he questions why Corbett didn’t fight for the Penn State community months ago.

State Rep. Brandon Neuman, D-North Strabane, Wednesday questioned why Gov. Tom Corbett did not do enough and waited too long to start fighting for Penn State University against the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s excessive sanctions.

“For more than five months the governor supported the NCAA sanctions,” Neuman said. “As attorney general he waited years to take Jerry Sandusky off the streets and now as governor and a Penn State trustee he’s wasted months before standing up for this world-class university. State Attorney General-elect Kathleen Kane should deal with this after she is sworn in on Jan. 15."

On July 23, 2012, the NCAA announced sanctions against Penn State that include a $60 million fine, four-year bowl ban, reduction of 40 scholarships and forfeiture of the late Joe Paterno’s career victory record. Within hours Corbett issued an official statement saying we must “accept the serious penalties imposed today by the NCAA on Penn State University and its football program.”

Neuman said he supports the lawsuit over the NCAA’s sanctions of the school, but he questions why Corbett didn’t fight for the Penn State community months ago.

“The $60 million fine and other sanctions against Penn State are extreme, unfair and unwarranted. It will harm students at one of the greatest universities in the world. Already the university has paid $12 million to the NCAA in December while the governor delayed action. Penn State and its students deserve better from the NCAA and this governor.”

Neuman has repeatedly questioned Corbett’s managing of the Penn State matter. Before the sanctions were revealed, Neuman tried to force a House vote on a resolution urging the U.S. attorney general to investigate the Corbett-led Attorney General's Office handling of the Jerry Sandusky investigation. 

He has also called for swift legislative passage of many of the recommendations of the Pennsylvania Task Force on Child Protection which was convened in response to the Sandusky scandal. Neuman is a member of the Washington County Task Force on Child Abuse.

“Hopefully this report serves as a guide to both caucuses to enact legislation involving matters of child protection,” Neuman said. “There are some bills with wide support from both sides and pushing these bills through needs to be a priority in early 2013.”

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Insider Eyes January 03, 2013 at 01:11 AM
Well, Rep. Neuman, I am questioning why do didn't actually do anything other than complain about Corbett. Sounds like you're just trying to score a cheap headline here- where are the solutions?
Roger January 03, 2013 at 07:12 PM
I agree Insider. It only took part of a day for this lawsuit to degenerate into another reason to bring up the Sandusky case. The lawsuit stands on its own, without regard to Sandusky. Who is the NCAA to impose these sanctions on matters for which they have no legal authority? And, who is the NCAA to choose to take the $60M and make their own choices on dispersing the money? One could argue the NCAA holds no credibility to handle such matters. Their hands are so dirty, they have no standing. But, let's leave that discussion to another time. Rather, focus on the extent of the taking of $60M. When the $60M was initially announced, and NCAA was asked about dispensing of the money, they had no answer. Apparently, they later chose to send some of the money away, out of state, money that has been footed by PA taxpayers (in part). They claim the money will be used to support abused children programs. Really? Since when did the NCAA include in their charter the scope of managing child abuse programs through funds funneled through their channels? What other social programs do they manage and support with funds, funding coming from what sources? Hopefully the entire NCAA sanction program will be exposed, subject to scrutiny. Yes, Penn State officials accepted the sanctions, but what were the coercions involved? There is way too much national power concentrated at the NCAA. Just a reminder: This lawsuit has nothing to do with Corbett being AG at the time.


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