Plum & Oakmont Voters Favor Romney, Verona Supports Obama

Here's a look at how Plum, Oakmont and Verona residents voted during the 2012 general election.

Though President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden won re-election Tuesday night, two out of three local communities favored Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

According to results from the Allegheny County Division of Elections, the majority of voters in Plum and Oakmont boroughs voted for Romney/Ryan at the polls.

Those in Verona supported Obama/Biden.

In Plum, about 13,568 out of 18,585 registered voters made it to the polls—a 73 percent turnout. The republican ticket won all but one of the 21 voting districts—District 17. Romney received 7,723 votes to Obama's 5,633.

Also in Plum, Tom Smith, Republican candidate for U.S. senator, was favored with 7,016 votes to re-elected incumbent Sen. Bob Casey's 6,101 votes.

In Oakmont, 3,755 out of 5,193 registered voters cast their votes—a 72 percent turnout. The race between Obama and Romney was very close despite the fact that Obama won five out of six of the borough's voting districts—he lost in District 2. Romney received 1,882 votes to Obama's 1,787—a 95-vote difference.

The race for U.S. senator was even closer. Casey received 1,823 votes—just 28 more votes than Smith's 1,795.

Romney even was the favored candidate in the Oakmont Bakery's confection election where cookies with Obama and Romney's faces were sold for votes. The republican candidate won with 56 percent of the votes.

Verona Borough voters strongly favored the Democratic ticket—party candidates received the most votes in all three voting districts.

About 62 percent of registered voters in Verona made it to the polls—1,035 of 1,666.

Obama received 603 votes—195 more than Romney's 405. Casey also beat Smith in Verona, 621 to 346 votes.


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Brian Duncan November 08, 2012 at 05:37 PM
I'm not surprised by this. Seems like you could have guessed it. I am surprised though that only 62 percent of Verona voters turned out.


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