Pittsburgh City Council Filing Amicus Brief in Act 13 Case

The brief supporting the Commonwealth Court's ruling that portions of the new law is unconstitutional is expected to be filed Tuesday.

Pittsburgh City Council President Darlene Harris announced Friday that council will file an amicus brief in support of upholding the state Commonwealth Court’s ruling that portions of Pennsylvania's new law governing Marcellus Shale is unconstitutional.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Council’s brief is expected to be filed with the state Supreme Court Tuesday, Harris said in a release.

"It is difficult to get nine votes on legislation of this nature and I am pleased that the council is of one mind on this matter,” she saidn.  

Harris added that Monroeville, Murrysville, West Homestead and other local municipalities are doing the same.  

She continued: “This brief is simply about preserving our city’s self determination; our residents should have a say as to whether a strip club, slaughterhouse, garbage dump, cell phone tower, or a gas well is allowed to be put next to their homes.”

For more information on the Act 13 challenge, .

For more information on the Commonwealth Court ruling, .

For more information on the appeal to that ruling, .


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