Park Vandalism Frustrates Forest Hills Police

With Devil's Night approaching, police are asking residents to report any suspicious activity in the main borough park or elsewhere.

Twice in the last two weeks, vandals have overturned picnic tables and dumped garbage cans at Forest Hills Park.

In the first incident, Oct. 13, a police officer checking the park at the corner of Braddock Road and Ardmore Boulevard noticed that every picnic table in the pavilions had been flipped over. Not only that, but the vandals had also overturned all the garbage cans.

One garbage can had been smashed down and another thrown in the creek. And on the baseball field, a portable john had been flipped over, too.

A jogger notified police on Oct. 16 that there had been more criminal mischief at the park. This time, the tables in the pavilions were not just flipped over, but thrown all around the area.

Several garbage cans had been knocked over and their contents spilled out.

The borough Deparment of Public Works was notified of both incidents. The second time, the foreman advised police that two of the tables were broken and not able to be repaired.

"These things are very expensive and they're there for the people who want to benefit from the park," police Chief Chuck Williams said.

With darkness coming earlier in the fall, it's easier for vandals to operate unseen. Williams said at least three or four people would have been needed to flip the park tables.

In addition to an earlier nightfall, the days leading to Halloween are also prime days for "a little Devil's Night excitement," Williams said. He said large groups of kids sometimes soap or egg vehicles—and the eggs do damage car paint.

He asks the public to call 911 if they spot any criminal mischief taking place at the park or other places in the borough. Police will also be increasing patrols from 3 to 11 p.m.


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