No Tax Increase for Forest Hills Residents

Garbage bills will rise, sewage bills might, too.

Residents of the Forest Hills Borough will not see their real estate taxes to go up next year.

Council members and borough employees have begun work on the 2013 budget, and Councilman William Tomasic said, for a sixth straight year there will not be a tax hike. The budget will be finalized during several workshop meetings in November.

Although residents won’t see an increase in their tax bills, Tomasic warned that garbage fees will rise and sewage bills might also see an increase next year.

Tax bill collection is going well with $2.3 million of $2.4 million budgeted for 2012 collected to date, bringing the amount collected to 97 percent.

In other news from Wednesday's night meeting:

  • Council lowered the speed limit on Braddock Road at the curve at Glasow Road to 15 mph.
  • Council changed the alley behind the senior center, called Service Road 1, to one-way in the direction from Avenue F to Avenue A.
  • Council hired Laurel Printing to print and mail the quarterly community newsletter, Tree City Times, for $6,870.
  • Council appointed resident Lynn McGuigan to the recreation board for a term ending Feb. 29, 2014.
  • Council determined it would cost $145,000 to reconstruct three tennis courts and recommended that work doesn't start until after the 2013 tennis season.
  • An exhaust fan was recommended to be replaced in the room that houses the pool’s filter and other operating systems. The fan must be installed with a time to provide ventilation every four minutes. The pool will also need to have the caulking in its joints replaced and painted before next season. The cost of these repairs was not known.
  • November's meetings are as follows: Thursday, Nov. 1—borough property, operations and policy, public safety and public works; Thursday, Nov. 8—finance, planning and zoning, committee of the whole; Wednesday, Nov. 21—regular agenda meeting. 


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