Kane Regional Centers, CCAC Suspend Issuance of Photo IDs

Allegheny County officials made the decision after Tuesday's Commonwealth Court ruling.

The Kane Regional Centers and Community College of Allegheny County branches will suspend the issuance of photo identification for voting purposes in response to Tuesday's Commonwealth Court decision.

“Today’s court decision, to allow eligible voters to cast their ballot regardless of whether they have photo identification, is a true victory,” Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald said. “As I’ve said before, I believe that anyone who wants to participate in our democracy through elections should have every opportunity to do so. We should be doing everything within our power to encourage voting and make it easier for those who are eligible to vote.

Late last month, Fitzgerald and CCAC President Alex Johnson announced that photo identification would be issued to eligible voters at sites throughout the county, provided that the voter was able to show another form of identification.  The acceptable forms were those that were allowable under prior state law as proof of identification for first-time voters. 

Monday night marked the first opportunity for voters to take advantage of the offering and 33 people were able to get photo identification for voting purposes. Those IDs, although no longer necessary to vote in this upcoming election, will be valid through November 2017.


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