How Much Money Would Woodland Hills School District Get from Gov. Corbett's Budget?

The Pennsylvania Department of Education lists proposed funds by school district on its website; find out figures also for Wilkinsburg and Pittsburgh.

Gov. Tom Corbett's budget is out and, of course, everyone wants to know how much their cut of the budget pie would be—especially local school districts.

In all, Woodland Hills would receive $800,932 more in total state funding under Corbett's proposal, while, in comparison, Wilkinburg would receive $516,928.

Patch found that Woodland School District is slated to receive an approximately 2-percent increase in basic education funding—from $13.8 million for the 2012-13 school year to $14.1 million for 2013-14—if the governor's proposed budget passes, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Education's website.   

Funding is broken down into six categories on the website. For instance, it shows a $53,487 increase for Woodland Hills' non-public and charter school pupil transportation but only an $8,948 increase for public school transportation costs. However, special education funding for the district would decrease by $16,757 under Corbett's plan.

The state Legislature has to approve the governor's plan, so some numbers might change before the final budget is adopted by June 30.

Some of the Pennsylvania Department of Education numbers for Woodland Hills are in the screenshot above. To find out more for Woodland Hills, as well as neighboring Wilkinsburg and Pittsburgh, click here.


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