District Judge Kim Hoots Secures Wilkinsburg Position, Other DJ Results

District Judge Thomas Caulfield and candidate Hugh McGough ran unopposed.

Wilkinsburg resident and candidate for district judge gave incumbent District Judge Kim Hoots a race until the end Tuesday night, but she came out with a few hundred more votes to secure her seat.

The results are as follows according to the Allegheny County Elections Bureau:

  • Kim M. Hoots (DEM)—1,917 votes, 53.15 percent
  • Marc V. Taiani (REP)—1,686 votes, 46.74 percent

In the local races for two other district judge seats, there were no surprises.

, who won the primary, ran as the only candidate on the ballot for the position he currently holds in Forest Hills. 

With more than 30,000 court appearances as a public defender, experience as a Churchill borough councilman and as a legislative assistant for State Rep. Paul Costa, D-34,  Caulfield, 44, of Churchill said he is the man for the job. He earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh in 1988, later going to law school at the same location, graduating in 1991.

the only candidate for district judge in the Pittsburgh section of Regent Square, will take over for District Judge Nathan Firestone as he is retiring. 

A lawyer who got his start representing people with HIV/AIDS during the height of the epidemic,  laid the foundation of his career helping a community of people whose civil rights were quickly diminished. McGough, 55, of Shadyside has worked for the City of Pittsburgh and now has his own practice.


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