Swissvale Fire Departments Receive State Recognition

The borough's paid fire department attained gold status and the volunteer fire department reached bronze status in the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program.

Swissvale's paid and volunteer fire departments both received new levels of recognition from the Pennsylvania Fire Commissioner’s Office. 

The Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program certifies the firefighter training levels attained by participating departments in accordance with the National Professional Qualifications Standards administered by the National Professional Board of Fire Service Qualifications.

The Swissvale Volunteer Fire Department has attained a Bronze Certification level by demonstrating that at least 50 percent of the department’s active members have been trained, tested and certified to the level of the National Pro-Board requirements.

The paid Swissvale Fire Department has increased from a Silver status to a Gold Certification level by demonstrating that 100 percent of the department’s personnel have been trained, tested and certified to the level of the National Pro-Board requirements.

This new certification places Swissvale Volunteer Fire Department in the top 7 percent of the state's 2,488 fire departments. The borough’s paid personnel rank in the top 1 percent.

The current statistics of participating departments in Allegheny County and the state put the honor in perspective:

  • The state has 2,488 fire departments and of that number, 295 (11.86 percent) participate in the certification program. Of the participants, 32 (1 percent) reach gold, 59 (2.4 percent) reach silver and 85 (3.4 percent) make bronze level.
  • Of Allegheny County's 197 fire departments, 36 (18 percent) participate. Three (1.5 percent) are gold level, three (1.5 percent) are silver level and 19 (9.6 percent) are bronze level.


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