Police Respond to Raccoons, Theft in Forest Hills

The latest from Forest Hills police.

June 1

  • Drew’s Restaurant reported that someone stole a donation can from its front counter. An officer searched the area and advised the restaurant to consult its security video and follow up with police.
  • Officers assisted Braddock Hills police in responding to a report that a man with bolt cutters was lurking around the Old Holiday Inn. Upon arrival, the area was clear.

June 2

  • A resident reported that her new lawn mower had been stolen. Police checked with neighbors, who had seen nothing suspicious, and gave the woman future security advice.

June 3

  • A Braddock woman reported that a man threatened to shoot her and her children while they were in their car. Forest Hills police assisted in responding but weren’t able to locate the suspect.

June 4

  • Police assisted North Braddock officers in tracking down two men who were stealing metal from a construction site on Electric Ave.
  • Officers responded to a report that a raccoon was in a window well. The raccoon was killed and removed from the property.

June 5

  • After a caller reported a rabid raccoon, officers visited the residence, shot it, and placed the animal in a cardboard box in a borough dumpster.

June 7

  • Police arrested Kenneth Vukman, 20, of Wilkins Township and charged him with disorderly conduct, careless driving, speeding and failure to wear a safety belt. Vukman was pulled over after police saw him texting and speeding. Although officers determined he was safe to drive and later released him from the station, they confiscated a small amount of marijuana and one oxycodone pill.
  • Responding to a complaint of a raccoon wandering in circles on West Ave., an officer went to the scene and shot the animal.

June 8

  • Police received a complaint that a woman on Fairview Ave. has been cursing at and threatening local kids. The caller also said the resident has left unattended her own children, who have asked neighbors for food. Police advised the complainant to call 911 if she observes such incidents in the future.

June 9

  • Police responded to a report that someone was setting off fireworks on Lenox Ave. After checking the area, police found no evidence.
Alyia RuPaulding June 14, 2012 at 04:46 PM
Tossing a possibly rabid raccoon in a dumpster without even sending it for testing? I'm thinking that's not the correct procedure.


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