Police Presence Expected After Huge Brawls in Swissvale

Several fights broke out as students got off the Woodland Hills High School bus near the intersection of Woodstock and South Braddock Avenue.

Woodland Hills High School students and their parents ended up in large brawls in Swissvale Monday and Tuesday afternoons as students got off the bus.

WTAE-TV reports that several arrests are expected because videos of the fights were posted on YouTube, enabling Swissvale police to identify several of those involved. Swissvale police Chief Greg Geppert told WTAE that the fights apparently were staged as the same parents and students were present both days—and someone recorded both brawls.

Police plan to have presence on Wednesday in the area where the fights broke out.

For the full story and video from WTAE, click here.

To see school district's statement, click here.


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E.K. January 10, 2013 at 05:17 PM
I am absoloutely outraged that this happened. I hope these kids and their parents feel ashamed of themselves. The image of Swissvale and Woodland Hills is bad enough and this just makes it so much worse. The fact that the parents are participating in this is sickening. We are supposed to teach our kids the RIGHT way to behave, not be participants in bad choices. I wish these people would wake up and realize they are perpetuating the stereotypes and negativity that ultimately works against them in society. If you want to see change in the community you must be an agent of change yourself and conduct yourself accordingly. I've had enough and I hope everyone reading this has too. It's time to take back our community.
Michele Pinzak January 11, 2013 at 09:58 AM
Well said, E.K.! I couldn't agree more! This is shameful and proves once again that the decline in youth behavior is directly tied to the decline in adult behavior!


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