Pittsburgh Police Cracking Down to Keep School Zones Safe

As part of a safety initiative, police continue to be proactive about citing drivers who violate school zone speeding and bus safety laws.

Pittsburgh police will be out in force this week and next to make sure drivers are following the 15 mph speed limit around city schools.

This Back to School Highway Safety Initiative is part of a continuing effort by Pittsburgh police to keep school zones safe for students, as well as drivers.

Since the start of the school year, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police traffic officers conducted 120 traffic stops and issued 126 citations for speeding in school zones. Nearly a dozen people also were cited for passing school buses while red lights were flashing.

“Our message is simple. We will do everything possible to help protect our children. Members of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police will continue to aggressively enforce school zone violations so as to insure our young children reach school in a safe manner," said Zone 6 Commander Scott Schubert in a statement released this week.

"Drivers are reminded to stay alert, drive with care and obey all laws when travelling through school zones or approaching a school bus that is picking up or dropping off our children."

Schubert said officers also will cite violators based on information received from school crossing guards, bus drivers and other school officials.

Drivers who violate laws regarding school zones and school buses could face penalties including a 60-day driver’s license suspension, five points on your driving record and a $250 fine.


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