Forgery, Theft and Burglaries Fill Judge Caulfield’s Mid-Nov. Docket

Man accused of robbing four homes in Forest Hills, a hit and run on Demmer Avenue.

Judge Thomas Caulfield handled several hearings Nov. 14 in district court in Forest Hills:

  • Edward Breitkreutz, 23, of Pittsburgh, had six charges related to a DUI held for court. The charges are careless driving, two charges of accident with damage to an unattended vehicle, and three charges of DUI. Breitkreutz is facing charges after Forest Hills police responded to a complaint on Sept. 10, and found his father’s car crashed against two parked cars on Demmer Avenue. Police say the car was full of spilled Taco Bell chips. While on the scene, police say a man with Taco Bell food spilled all over him returned to the scene, but denied knowing anything about the accident. Upon further questions—and a visit to the Taco Bell to talk to the person working the drive-thru window and a phone call to Breitzkreutz's father—police determined the son was behind the wheel.
  • Michael Mathew Morgavo, 22, of Forest Hills, had 11 charges for burglarizing four separate homes in Forest Hills in August and September waived for court. Morgavo is accused by Forest Hills police of breaking into the apartments and homes and stealing items, including three rings, a gold necklace, three gaming systems, a 32-inch TV and $700 cash.      According to the police report, all four victims knew Morgavo and their homes were within walking distance of his home on Sumner Avenue. Police say Morgavo admitted to the crimes in an interview on Sept. 12. He remains in Allegheny County Jail in lieu of a $10,000 bond.
  • Herbert Chester Parrot, 21, of Rankin had charges of harassment and terroristic threats with intent to terrorize another held for court. He is accused of threatening a woman in Swissvale on Aug. 22.
  • Christi Nichols, 40, of Swissvale had a charge of drug possession and a charge of drug paraphernalia possession waived for court. She was charged by Swissvale police Oct. 3.
  • Brian M. Harvey, 45, of Pittsburgh, had charges of forgery and theft by deception waived for court. Harvey is charged by Forest Hills police with trying to cash a forged check worth $791 at Ace Cash Express on Sept. 10.


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