Forest Hills Police Deal with Naked Man Threatening to Jump, Domestic Cases

The latest from Forest Hills police.

June 21

  • An officer responded to a report of a sick raccoon on a resident’s property on Cherry Valley Rd. and killed the animal.
  • A man hitting golf balls in the baseball field near the Westinghouse Recreation Center was told by police that doing so is prohibited.

June 22

  • Police arrested Marcus W. Harvey, 59, and charged him with simple assault after a domestic dispute. According to the incident report, Harvey admitted to slapping his 15-year-old daughter’s face multiple times after an argument.

June 23

  • An officer assisted North Braddock police in taking into custody a man who was shooting at a house on Stokes Ave.
  • An officers assisted Braddock police in apprehending a man who was reported to have been carrying a gun and walking onto people’s porches. Police took him into custody after a foot chase but didn’t find a gun on him.
  • Officers broke up a fight between two men and advised one to leave the other’s house.
  • Police killed a sick possum on the 100 block of Elmore Rd. The animal was found shaking on the sidewalk, according to the incident report.

June 24

  • A naked man who threatened to jump out of a window was detained by Braddock and Forest Hills police officers. Officers used a taser on the man and chased him after he ran out of the back of the ambulance before they were able to transport him from the scene.
  • Police assisted the fire department in responding to a small fire at 403 Fillmore Rd. that broke out around 4 p.m. According to the police report, nobody was home when a fire started in a second-floor bedroom. Firemen rescued a dog from the house and extinguished the fire.
  • An officer assisted Braddock police in breaking up a verbal domestic dispute.

June 25

  • A woman reported that a sub-woofer and amplifier had been stolen from her car while it was parked on Filmore Rd. She thought the incident occurred during the weekend, when she was out of town.

June 27

  • An officer took a man to Forbes Regional Hospital after he was threatening suicide in the back yard of his Kenmore Ave. apartment.
  • Police responded to a report of an intoxicated man wandering around Rockwood Ave. after a neighbor dispute. An officer found the man in his apartment and advised him to stay there until he sobered up.


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