Forest Hills Police Reports: Forged Checks, Counterfeit Money and Chimney Fires

Here are the latest Forest Hills police reports for Nov. 8 to Nov. 15

A man in a check-cashing scheme was caught at the Ace Cash Express on Yost Boulevard on Saturday, Nov. 10, according to Forest Hills police.

Police officers were called to the business after the check cashing company’s computers notified the manager that a check a man was trying to cash was a piece of forgery. Police found the man in the shopping center.

According to police, the man admitted that he knew the check was a fake because he had a 50/50 partnership with a man who was forging the checks. He said he only knew his first name and, even so, wasn’t certain if it was St. Louis or Anthony.

Police say he admitted to cashing a forged check at a different Ace Cash Express location in October. Police also say that the man had tried to cash the same check at Wal Mart and Money Mart, but in this case, his persistence didn’t pay off.

Nov. 8

The police and fire department responded to a chimney fire in the 150 block of Sumner Avenue at around 8 p.m. 

Nov. 12

  • Police officers responded to a report of a fire in the 340 block of Sharon Drive, where they found a minor electrical problem created by owner cleaning her outlets. The fire department came, inspected the residence, and cleared the scene.
  • An unknown person used a counterfeit five-dollar bill at the Shell Gas Station. The station attendant noticed the bill after a large group of people passed through. He verified it was fake with a counterfeit detecting pen.

Nov. 13

  • A resident of the 400 block of Marion Avenue called police after allegedly receiving a phone call from a man who threatened to beat up his teenaged son.

The boy told officers he had recently broken up with his girlfriend and suspected the girl’s step father made the call. When officers called the number listed by the caller I.D., a woman answered and claimed no knowledge.

She was told that if any more threatening phone calls come from her number, she may face criminal charges.

  • A violent accident took place at the intersection of Ardmore Boulevard and Filmore Road when a car t-boned another car around 3:22 p.m. Neither of the drivers needed medical assistance. 
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