Disturbing Threat Delivered at Edgewood Towne Centre Store

Also, sexual assault, retail theft and other items from the Edgewood Police Department blotter.

Two stores in Edgewood Towne Center had disturbing incidents within the past week.

A woman came into the C.W. Price store on Oct. 11 and threatened an employee. According to Edgewood police reports, the woman stated that one of the employees was going to get shot in the same way that their cousin was in Wilkinsburg on Oct. 9.

The employee sought by the intruder was not working at the time. The woman had left the area by the time police arrived.

In another incident, an employee of Super Nails told police a woman came into the salon on the same day, and was screaming and attempting to take photos inside the salon.

The unidentified woman left when the manager said she was going to call police. She was gone by the time police arrived.

Oct. 15

  • Edgewood police are continuing to investigate an incident that occurred two weeks ago in the 100 block of Gordon Street. Several contractors in the vicinity witnessed a suspect damage a car by striking it with an unknown object. A suspect has been identified in connection with the incident. The gray Chrysler Sebring sustained moderate damage.
  • Someone cut the wire on a video surveillance camera in a loading dock area of Edgewood Beer and Tobacco on Oct. 9, but the camera did not capture an image of the individual responsible. The store is in the 1600 block of South Braddock Avenue.

Oct. 14

  • Edgewood police assisted Wilkinsburg police after a woman kicked out the passenger window of a patrol vehicle while she was detained. Initially, Wilkinsburg requested a caged unit for transporting the woman, who attempted to spit on officers several times. She was transported to Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic.
  • A resident of the 400 block of West Hutchinson Avenue called police after finding an open door. Police searched the home but found nothing out of order.

Oct. 13

  • A resident was cited by police for a borough noise ordinance violation because of barking dogs.

Oct. 12

  • A resident of the 100 block of McKelvey Avenue called police to report some odd occurances on his property after finding a stray dog on his porch and a black latex glove near his driveway.

Oct. 11

  • Edgewood police assisted Wilkinsburg police after some suspects bailed from a car near the intersection of Miller Street and Laketon Road in Wilkinsburg. One person reportedly had a gun. A search yielded no results.
  • After many warnings following attempts to steal from Giant Eagle in Edgewood Towne Centre in the past, a woman stole two pieces of chicken and a gallon of milk from a checkout line. She had been warned by both the store manager and police that she would be prosecuted if she stole again. She was charged with retail theft. 
  • A resident of Gordon Street called police to report a possible fraud case. The resident had received mail from a foreign country that asked him to cash a check and send a portion of it back to the sender.

Oct. 10

  • Police filed charges against a woman involved in a retail theft from Giant Eagle.
  • A man was arrested and charged with sexual assault from an incident that occurred Aug. 11 at an apartment in the 100 block of Lloyd Avenue.
  • Edgewood police assisted Wilkinsburg police with a domestic incident in the 400 block of South Trenton Avenue.
  • Edgewood police assisted Wilkinsburg police with a search for an armed robbery suspect in the 800 block of Franklin Ave.

Oct. 9

  • A woman was taken into custody by police and charged with a felony retail theft from Giant Eagle in the Edgewood Towne Centre .
  • Police responded to a water main break in the 100 block of Harlow Street on Oct. 9. There were other water break incidents reported on Oct. 9 at the intersection of Hawthorn and Locust, and at Lehigh and Chestnut streets on Oct. 11.
  • Edgewood police assisted Wilkinsburg police after a man fled from Wilkinsburg detectives and fired shots while attempting to escape. Police were unable to locate the suspect. One male at the scene was put under arrest for running up to police and causing a small crowd to form.
  • A resident of the 800 block of East Hutchinson Avenue reported that a man kicked in her door, ripping it off its hinges, and attempted to steal her cell phone. He grabbed a bag of clothes and fled the scene, according to the police report. The man will receive the charges against him via a summons by mail.


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