'Baby Not Breathing' Call Ends on Happy Note

Edgewood police responded to the Elm Street home Tuesday to find a new mom and her baby doing just fine.

What at first sounded like a distress call to Edgewood police Tuesday morning had them smiling hours later.

Chief Robert Payne said the first call to police from an Elm Street home was that a baby wasn't breathing. But by the time officers arrived, they found a just-born baby not only breathing, but crying.

Capt. Michael Libell said the mother started having contractions at home but the baby unexpectedly arrived before she could even leave for the hospital. He said the little girl is named "Mary" but police declined to identify the family.

The newborn might not have had the usual hospital surroundings with doctors and nurses, but there were plenty of people around to dote. In addition to police, two Eastern Area EMS ambulance crews also arrived at the scene.

Payne pointed out that Edgewood Sgt. Sue Kaskie was able to provide comfort for the new mother. Five hours after little Mary made her way into the world, the officers and chief were still smiling about the early morning call that at first sounded like bad news but ended up as a bright spot in their day.



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