POEM: 9-11 ... We're Back

Tom Babeo, head of security at CCAC-Boyce Campus, has shared a poem with the Forest Hills-Regent Square Patch.

It has been 11 years since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

As the years go on, people continue to reflect on that day that greatly impacted this generation.

Tom Babeo, head of security at Community College of Allegheny County-Boyce Campus in Monroeville, has shared a poem with the Forest Hills-Regent Square Patch.


By: Tom Babeo

From the Big Apple towers
And Flight Ninety Three
To the mighty Pentagon
In Washington DC

The forces of evil
Unleashed their wrath
Leaving death and great misery
Behind in their path

But little they knew
Of the might and the will
The courage and strength
That they'll never kill

The Pentagon's back
To it's original pace
Ready to combat
Any aggression we face

We've rebuilt the towers
They're now standing tall
Vowing that never again
Will they ever fall

So listen well those
Who would threaten this land
There's something you need
To understand

This is our home
The land of the free
That's the way it's been
And always will be

You're welcome to visit
You're welcome to stay
But never again threaten
The dear U.S. of A



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