Letter to the Editor: Slow Down on TREK Decision

Forest Hills resident questions benefit to district's children if administration building is sold and offices moved to Braddock.

Open Letter to Woodland Hills School Board:

As a Forest Hills resident, district taxpayer, and parent, I urge caution to the Woodland Hills School Board with regard to the TREK proposals to relocate district administrative offices and sell district property.

TREK’s proposal offers no strong financial argument and no clear benefit to the district. Leasing space (regardless of in which community) would create a new cost that will ultimately lead to higher taxes for all district residents without providing any direct benefit to most. 

I look to the school board to find ways to reduce district costs and thus my taxes, not to raise them.

And where is the benefit to students? None of what I’ve heard about this proposal addresses how students will be better off. Can you save money and hire more teachers? Add more courses? Offer more extra-curriculars?  Improve student facilities or bring them more amenities?

This decision is being taken, at least publicly, without sufficient time for school board members or district residents to learn enough about the drivers and the potential consequences, and to evaluate TREK’s interests. 

Please, slow down and do not let TREK Development set the pace here. There are lots of other options to consider, and a lot of details to figure out.

Respectfully, I remind you that, as voters, we will remember what decision you make as a board as well as how each of you votes on this issue.

Michael Colaianne

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