Urban Farm Expo Shows Future of Birds, Bees in 'Burgh

Mon Valley Initiative's Urban Farm Expo in North Braddock drew a small crowd but grew interest in possibilities of farming in city-type neighborhoods.

A small crowd braved the rain on Saturday to find out about one of the latest trends in city living—urban farming.

North Braddock Cares and Mon Valley Initiative hosted "Plow Ahead: Urban Farm Expo" at 705 Parkview Ave. in North Braddock, celebrating the renovation of the house, the first project in the Mon Valley Micro Farms initiative.

The initiative combines the traditional rehab for resale model with a demolition strategy to create “micro farms,” which include a one-quarter to two acres of cleared property specifically for small scale urban agriculture. The demonstrations Saturday included presentations on beekeeping, raising chickens in an urban setting and produce that can be grown on city lots.

For information on the Urban Farm Expo, Mon Valley Micro Farms, Mon Valley Initiative or North Braddock Cares, contact Jo Ellen Welsh at 412-464-4000, ext. 4023.

Lisa McCune September 10, 2012 at 11:13 AM
Oh, I wish I could have gone to this! I'm such a fan of backyard gardening, and I want to get into backyard chickens! Lisa www.facebook.com/LivingEarthReptiles www.livingearthreptileencounters.weebly.com


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