Patch Pets: Meet Bentley

Bentley arrived at the shelter with badly matted fur. She was cleaned up, is velvety soft and needs a loving home.

This small, black kitty—just 1 year and 6 months old—is looking for a home.

Bentley makes the Animal Rescue League staff giggle, and prefers to be told how velvety soft and warm she is. She came to the shelter with badly matted fur, so she was sedated and shaved so that her coat will grow back beautiful and shiny, and clean.

Bentley is a medium-haired kitty with a beautiful plume tail. She is affectionate and playful, but just a little shy in the shelter when she meets new people. So if you visit Bentley, give her a little time to trust you and you will be rewarded.

Any questions, please send an email to catladycam@gmail.com.


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