Five Things to Know About Forest Hills-Regent Square Patch

As we begin the new year, here are some helpful hints about Patch.

Happy New Year!

Here are five things you should know about Forest Hills-Regent Square Patch:

1. We have a newsletter. Wake up with Patch! If you scroll to the bottom of our homepage, there’s a blue box. By clicking “Newsletters” in the blue box, you can sign up to have Patch stories emailed straight to you, every day at about 6:15 a.m.

2. We have a Neighborhood Gallery. And we want you to add to it! Clicking “Add to Neighborhood Gallery” under the search bar on our homepage lets you add photos and videos of what’s happening in your life. Birthday Party? Graduation? Vacation? Share it here!

3. We have helpful info in general. Some parts of our site are just plain easy to use. You'll love these tabs on our homepage: “Events” is a quick list of upcoming Dormont/Brookline events. “Places” is our local business directory—if something is missing, let me know! “Traffic & Gas” is just that—complete with the cheapest gas prices in our area. We also have a news widget and an iPhone app. Enjoy!

4. We use links to get you local news faster. You might notice that our articles have a lot of highlighted blue words. Click them! There’s more info there. We add links to our directory and articles, other web pages, or even to other news sources to help you get more info quicker.

5. You can add to Patch yourself! We want to hear from you! You can comment on stories posted on Patch. You can also add your own events to the calendar, add your own photos to the Neighborhood Gallery, leave shout-outs and post announcements. If there’s a lot on your mind, you also can blog. We’re always accepting bloggers from the community. Email me if you’re interested!

Thanks for reading!

William McCloskey January 04, 2012 at 02:29 PM
FH-RS Patch is a godsend (small "g") for crackpots, narcissists, egomaniacs and -- more importantly -- those simply with something to say about their community. Unless you're abusive, your voice matters -- a pleasant state you may not enjoy at work or at home.


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