Pittsburgh City Council Supports Townships’ Lawsuit Challenging Act 13

All nine members of council are in support of the municipalities' efforts to challenge the state's new Marcellus Shale regulations.

Pittsburgh City Council President Darlene M. Harris on Tuesday issued a will of council in support of last week’s filing of a lawsuit challenging Act 13—the state's new law governing Marcellus Shale drilling.

“Act 13 infringes upon the rights of affected local governments in our Commonwealth,” she said in a statement. “It forces local governments to abdicate their moral and legal duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people in their townships.” 

Seven municipalities—including —, stating that Act 13 unconstitutionally strips municipalities of the power to regulate gas wells and related hydrofracturing activities, including pipelines and compressor stations.  

Pittsburgh City Council, by unanimous vote, enacted a drilling ban in November 2010.   

"All nine members of Pittsburgh City Council are unanimous in their support of the municipalities’ efforts to protect their rights to govern for their residents," a release stated.

The news comes  relief.


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