Patch Picks: Dunning's Grill and Oscar's Short Films

Looking for a nice night out this weekend? Grab some comfort food at Dunning's and catch a unique show at Regent Square Theater!

more than anywhere else for miles, screams home.

The restaurant is a quaint, wood-paneled haven, equal parts down-home diner and grandparent’s basement. The bar is a familiar, inviting, everybody-knows-your-name style pub. Places like this are rare, but to find one in the middle of a bustling city street is truly something special.

Dunning’s has been a fixture at the corner of South Braddock and Hutchinson avenues in Regent Square for more than 20 years. They have a few specialties, but still manage to have something for everyone – and a full stomach is part of the package.

If you’re dining, make sure you get one of the familiar, tastily prepared appetizers, which are large enough to be best if split. Potato skins, fried zucchini and wings are all fine choices, but be sure to try the fresh-made potato chips. Traditional bar fare, to be sure, but more importantly, it’s all comfort food. Burgers and sandwiches are the house favorites for your entrée, but Dunning’s offers a range of hearty salads and vegetarian options as well. Go for a Turkey or Chicken Devonshire if you’re looking to fill up.

Coming in for a drink? Order your usual pick. The bartenders know what they’re doing and a place like this just makes your preferred spirits taste better. Beer drinkers will always find a couple of fine choices on tap and more in bottles. No matter what you drink, you’ll feel like warmly greeting the happy patrons around you, even if you’ve never met them before.

Dunning’s can be your family restaurant, your place to unwind over some tasty snacks after a tough day, your place to while away a long evening, your neighborhood pub, whatever. It’s just as adaptable as it is inviting, and should be a regular choice for anyone within striking distance of Regent Square.

Need something to do after a big meal at Dunning’s? It's right across the street from Regent Square Theater, so your choice shouldn’t be too tough.

This weekend, they’ve got a unique offering – all the short films nominated for Academy Awards. While the Oscars for Best Animated Short and Best Live Action Short usually send viewers running for a popcorn refill, in recent years, theaters have been packaging all the nominees together for a fun and unique evening at the theater.

The five live action films will play in one show and the five cartoons in another, so you’ll need two tickets to catch everything. And the animated flicks – featuring the delightful Pixar short Day & Night – are a great pick for kids, too.

Check pghfilmmakers.org for the daily schedule – each group plays at least once a day, but the schedule varies.


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