No, This Forest Hills Sign Is Not Counting Down to the World's End

The sign in the parking lot of Roman Bistro on Ardmore Boulevard actually is looking to days beyond Dec. 21.

Some motorists along Ardmore Boulevard on Thursday were probably scratching their heads as they saw the numbers flying by on the new digital sign in the parking lot of Roman Bistro.

Was it counting down to the predicted end of the world tomorrow (Friday)? The hours 'til Christmas? The time the ball drops on New Year's Eve?

Not at all.

Mike Roman, owner of Roman Bistro, said the sign's flashing numbers had nothing to do with doomsday or anything else. He was simply programming the new sign, which will promote features at the restaurant.

He joked that he hopes the new sign will encourage people to "Do as the Romans do." Or at least, be curious enough to stop in and find out what's going on in their restaurant.

That is, if the Mayans were wrong.


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