Katerbean Closes Saturday, 61C Cafe Will Open New Shop in Space

The owners of the 61C Cafe in Squirrel Hill have purchased Katerbean in Regent Square and, after remodeling, plan to open in February as the 61B Cafe.

Katerbean, the popular shop on the Swissvale side of South Braddock Avenue, will be brewing its last coffee on Saturday.

But keep your eyes on the shop for the next few months. Come Monday, the owners of the 61C Cafe on Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill will take over the space.

"It's going to be pretty exciting," said Jackie Grice, Katerbean's manager, who will be moving on when the shop closes.

Keith Kaboly, 61C Cafe's manager, said his aunt and uncle, Kate Knorr and Gary Kaboly, who own the Murray Avenue shop, took the opportunity to purchase Katerbean when they heard it was on the market. They had been considering a shop in Regent Square

"We've been looking forward to it for awhile now," Kaboly said. "It's a nice neighborhood."

The first change is the name. The 61C Cafe is named for the Port Authority's Homestead-McKeesport bus route that runs by the Squirrel Hill shop.

So fittingly, the new shop will take on the name "61B Cafe," since the 61B Braddock-Swissvale bus route runs along South Braddock Avenue, said Keith Kaboly, 61C's manager.

Kaboly said the shop will be closed for a few months while remodeling takes place.

"We want to do some significant changes inside," he said.

Aside from some new equipment, Kaboly said a new front door/opening is being considered patrons can enter directly from the street instead of having to go through the hallway, as they've done at Katerbean. He said no style has been definitely chosen but that the front will definitely see some changes.

There will also be some more selection than Katerbean offered, such as the smoothies, 50 varieties of teas and made-from-scratch muffins, cookies, scones and pastries. Kaboly said the shop might also serve some sandwiches.

"It all depends on the space," he said.


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Nettie Jane December 07, 2012 at 03:43 PM
WOW and hallelulah~ Although BIDDLE ESCAPE cafe on Biddle STreet rocks for enviornment and coffee/tea/goodies choices..Wonderful outdoor (with wood stove) seating among the trees and art..BUT goodie for 61B. Now if they could get Sunocco back..LOL
Jackie December 08, 2012 at 09:10 PM
I seriously really don’t know where to begin. All I know is that some 17 yrs. ago, my husband approached me about moving back to Pittsburgh and all I could do was cry! I never truly felt at “home” here until, I found Regent Square! Regent Square is absolutely, “Someplace Special”! and it’s because of all you wonderful people! So many of have been a huge part of my life and through the years we shared so much of ourselves, both openly and honestly. I can’t even begin to thank you enough for all the support and encouragement you have shown me throughout the years, the names are endless and the friendships will be forever! So many of you have taught me so much, about myself and life and I’m eternally grateful. I will miss being a part of your “everyday” life!
Jackie December 08, 2012 at 09:12 PM
Katerbean was a unique place. It didn’t matter what walk of life you came from, you were always welcomed. It was an “open forum” for all, and even if we didn’t always agree on the “issues” of today’s world we learned something from one another by sharing each other’s views and life’s experiences with one another. It was a place like no other! We had a way of “bringing people together” and creating lifelong friendships, that in itself, to me, is priceless!  For a lot of people, it’s not a day of, “Thank God” or “hallelujah”, it’s a day of “You have touched my life, my heart like no other and I will miss you!” Jackie  xoxo
timmy December 09, 2012 at 03:11 PM
We love you Jackie...ur turnout todaybfor the closing is proof that all these negative judgements posted on here are not representative of regent square's opinion. Goodluck to all including the 61b Timmy
Robert Sette December 10, 2012 at 04:34 AM
Jackie, you were great, and of course Peg was a fixture there, and a sweet lady who cared about her customers; but the owner(s), come on... When she lost an employee, she cut back the store's hours, or changed them on a whim every 3-6 months. She had no idea what our neighborhood needs. Spend a few bucks on some non-hideous paint. And how about a window that opens? I would wager that a REAL coffee shop opening on Biddle finally pushed Katerbean's owner into reality. For that I am thankful. Two good coffee shops can thrive here, and I look forward to patronizing both of them.


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