Bubba’s Gourmet Burgers Opens in South Fayette

Learn more about a new gourmet burger joint at the Bursca Shopping Center in South Fayette.

A new gourmet burger joint in South Fayette is attracting quite a crowd.

Bubba’s Gourmet Burghers opened in South Fayette last month and instantly transformed the Bursca Shopping Center into a bustling stop for customers.

Bubba Snider, a popular morning radio host on 100.7 FM, opened the restaurant to give people a good burger along the prime commercial spot along Washington Pike.

“I’m not about bragging, ” Snider said. “I just want you to come out and try it and judge for yourself.”

He and his business partner, Ed Kelly, hope the new restaurant will be a place that attracts families, sports fans and people just looking for a great burger.

“I thought South Fayette is a great opportunity to put something small in,” Snider said. “I didn’t want anything huge.”

Snider said his dad worked in the meat markets, so he understands what makes good beef. He easily rattled off the beef ingredients that include brisket, prime rib, angus and other meats that make for a delicious burger.

“I want people to say ‘ Wow! This is like no burger I’ve ever eaten,’” Snider said. “Nothing is more important than the food.”

The restaurant offers a cozy dining room with a hip bar and comfortable atmosphere.

The parking lot that houses the New Dragon Express and Sudsy’s Beer distributor usually had a few cars because of the take-out nature of both places. But the addition of Bubba’s has the mini-strip mall packed on most nights.

“It’s better than I could have ever expected,” Snider said. “But if you put out great food at a great price, that’s the nature of the business.”


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