Skunks Creating a Stink in Forest Hills, Chalfant

The smell in the air isn't fall—it's the odor of skunks who've taken up residence in the local area.

Just a few weeks ago, a Chalfant family came home at night and let their dogs out in the backyard.

The dogs started "going crazy," the woman wrote on Facebook. Then they came back in, bringing with them the distinctive odor of skunk. The fire department used fans to blow out the house while the family used the age-old remedy of washing the dogs with tomato juice.

It isn't just happening in Chalfant. The smell of skunk has been wafting frequently in Churchill in the Beulah Road/Churchill Road area and Forest Hills, too.

On Sept. 29, Forest Hills police were called to Woodside Road after a resident reported that a skunk was trapped in a basement tub. The resident was referred to Hoffman Kennels, the borough's animal control service.

And just this weekend, WTAE-TV reported that some Forest Hills residents desperate for some relief from the nuisance had gone on the hunt. Forest Hills Borough has been getting so many complaints, WTAE reported, that the public safety department freed up money to buy seven traps and set them up last week along Halsey and Atlantic avenues, where the skunks have been seen.

Read the WTAE report by clicking here.


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